CCC and UCC Closed Loop Color Controls
The most user friendly and accurate Closed Loop Color Control

CCC is a versatile Closed Loop Color Control that is used on a web offset printing press for scanning and correcting color values on the run. The system can communicate with a wide range of press controls to make color adjustments. On older presses, we supply fountain controllers to drive existing ink key actuators, eliminating the need to make expensive ink fountain upgrade. Designed for press speeds up to 100,000 impressions per hour, the system scans the web up to 16 times faster than conventional patch reading densitometer or spectrophotometer based controls.

CCC is a Closed Loop Color Control System that monitors color on the printed web, adjusts press parameters and maintains color throughout the job run.


  • CCC operates by reading a 2mm high colorbar.
  • Accurate, self learning ink presets for a wide range of coverage and substrates.
  • Communicates directly with your prepress computers to process CIP3 job data.
  • Universal plant-wide solution for a variety of presses and ink fountain models.
  • Reduces make-ready and splice cycle waste and improves overall quality.
  • Very attractive 4-10 month ROI.
  • Controls up to 8 colors printed on a surface.
  • For press speeds up to 100,000 impressions/hr.
  • Provides valuable statistical data for troubleshooting and press performance optimization.
  • Includes remote login for technical support & software upgrades.
  • The LED light source in the imaging head carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Models available for single web and double web press configurations.
  • For new and existing presses.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • The easiest system to operate on the market.
  • Commercially available spares.

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What our customers say:

“We are extremely pleased with our Innolutions Closed Loop Color Systems.

They are like having an extra man on the press crew. Our pressmen say it is the best tool they have on the press. When we compared them against the other systems on the market we determined that they were the best value for the money. Innolutions service and support has been phenomenal. They have been there to back up their products day and night.”

Dick Newson
Hudson Printing Company


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