CRC2K Color Register Control
An intelligent, highly efficient and feature rich Closed Loop Color Register Control

Operating Principle
CRC2K utilizes state-of-the-art video imaging technology and patented shape recognition algorithms to provide you with one of the most accurate, fast and reliable color register controls. While competing controls wait for clean print, CRC2K can recognize register marks through print scumming and starts making register moves, providing the fastest register pull up in the industry. The CRC2K interfaces directly to your register motors, or may communicate its moves to existing PLCs and control panels.

(Actual mark size: 0.020"/0.50mm)

For monitoring and correcting Color to Color registration for Web Printing Lines.


  • Design based on patented shape recognition technology for reliable mark detection.
  • Register mark cluster can be oriented along or across the web width.
  • Recognizes most register marks even through print scumming.
  • Controls up to 8 colors printed on a surface.
  • Provides valuable statistical data for troubleshooting and press performance optimization.
  • Touch screen for easy adjustment & corrections of all parameters.
  • Features remote login for technical support & software upgrades.
  • The LED light source in the imaging head carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Models available for single web and double web press configurations.
  • For new and existing presses.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Reduces make-ready and splice cycle waste and improves overall quality.
  • Very attractive 4-10 month ROI.
  • The easiest system to operate on the market.
  • Commercially available spares.

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What our customers say:

“We have been using the Innolutions CRC2K registration system and CCC closed loop color control system since 2007.  Before installing we were experiencing 4000+ makeready sheets on every press signature.  After installation our immediate results yielded 2000 sheets and we have been able to consistently maintain this performance.  We were surprised and pleased with the ease of installation and our operators were able to learn the system very quickly.  The support we receive from Innolutions is impeccable and their rapid response is greatly appreciated.  For our equipment and capital dollars, I can’t imagine another solution that would be a better fit.”

Dean Mills
Plant Operations Director
Allen Press
Lawrence, KS



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