At Innolutions, we know your business demands more than just quality products. That’s why you can count on our support team that will assist with any questions, troubleshooting and parts request that might occur. We also continually improve our offerings of additional resources that add value to your operation and contribute to your success. Our Facebook page has frequent postings on maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

For Technical Support

Please Call: 609-490-9799

or email to support@innoinc.com


Does Innolutions provide After-Hours Support?
Yes, we do. Please call our office at 609-490-9799. Your call may be forwarded to a cell phone, but please leave a detailed message and your phone number with area code (very important) and we will call you back shortly.

Does Innolutions offer any type of money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 day Money-Back Guarantee. We guarantee performance of all our products for your complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, all we ask is that you give us one chance to bring performance to your satisfaction. If still you are not satisfied, we will take the control back!

If I have a question about my new Innolution system, what options do I have?

We encourage our customers to call or email us with any questions they might have – we are here to help and we want you to fully utilize the features of our systems. In addition, visit our Facebook page for maintenance and user tips.

Who will install my Innolutions System?

Innolutions systems are the simplest to install and the easiest to maintain. Most systems are installed by the customer's in-house maintenance staff. If you prefer, we can arrange for complete installation.

Do you have remote diagnostic capabilities?

We can log into our Register Control and Color Controls remotely through the internet service. We can operate, troubleshoot and update these systems as if we are sitting in your plant.

What do I need to do if I need parts?

You can always call us for assistance. The majority components in our systems are commercially available. We will be glad to provide you with the manufacturers and their part numbers. We also carry these parts in our inventory. You always have a choice to purchase these parts from us or from another source. For us, your up-time is more important than our margins on the spare parts!

What if we can’t fix my problem over the phone? Do you provide technical field service?

Our technicians are always available to assist you in troubleshooting. If required, we can promptly dispatch a field service technician to quickly resolve the issue. We also prefer to work with you during the field visit to train you for any such event in the future.

Do you provide manuals with your products?

We provide detailed technical manuals with all our products. If you prefer, we can email you the manuals in Pdf format to include it in your computer library.

Also, please tell me about your warranty.

All our products are supplied with a standard 1 year warranty. In addition to this, the light source on the Register Control and the Color Control carries a life-time warranty.



“Yesterday one of our CCC operators called complaining that out of 4 surfaces, one of the surfaces was not recognizing the color bar. With the remote login, we found out that they were printing on newsprint and the problem surface black unit was piling, leaving a big void in the middle of the black patch and preventing CCC from latching on the color bar. The problem was resolved by simply washing the blankets. But, the interesting fact was that although 4 surfaces (2 webs) were being printed, only one surface had the piling. For printing on newsprint and some recycled paper, you may need to use lower tack ink or tack reducer. Also, the piling will be affected by blanket condition and ink / water / paper chemistry. It is best to talk to the ink, dampening solution and paper suppliers to get the optimum combination.”

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