CRC Circumferential Register Control
A high speed, flexible, user friendly and accurate Cutoff Control

Operating Principle
Two high speed microprocessors in the CRC monitor the relation between the print and the process cylinder. CRC then determines the optimum correction for best quality output. Corrections are made by advancing or retarding the process in relation to the web. CRC is a universal closed loop process controller which can be used in various registration applications like Sheeter, Folders, Gluers, Perforators, Die-Cutters, Coaters and Rotary Cutters. CRC can also be used for Offline Finishing applications to maintain print-to-process register on preprinted rolls of web.

For monitoring and correcting print-to-cut or print-to-process registration for Web Processing Lines.



  • Controls all machines requiring print-to-process register monitoring (Folder / Sheeter / Rotary Cutter / Perforator / Die Cutter / Gluer / Coater).
  • Design based on commercially available PLC.
  • Reduces make-ready and splice cycle waste.
  • Improves overall quality.
  • For speeds up to 100,000 imp/hr.
  • Very attractive better than 6 month ROI.
  • Provides valuable statistical data for troubleshooting and press performance optimization.
  • Uses a commercially available web scanner with long life LED light.
  • Models available for single and double axis control.
  • Multiple units can be easily combined to control complex processing lines.
  • Special model available for Offline Process Control.

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Technical Highlights


  • High resolution.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Quick disconnect cable.
  • Custom mounting brackets for process cylinder and drive shaft mounting.

Web Scanner

  • LED light source with 100,000 hour average life.
  • Rugged Aluminum housing.
  • Light or dark switching.
  • Quick disconnect cable.
  • Universal mounting brackets for positioning.

Central Processing Unit

  • Modular construction.
  • Modules can be swapped without requiring any tools.
  • True digital processing for accuracy and reliability.

AC Synchronous Motor

  • Synchronous motor for accurate positioning.
  • Phase Shift (R-C) Network supplied with the motor.
  • Universal mounting brackets and drive provided for easy hook up to the existing correction mechanism.

Operator Panel

  • Large 40 character back-lit LCD message display.
  • Numeric input for direct correction / parameter entry.
  • Rugged Aluminum housing.



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