SRC Web Guide System
A versatile, efficient and intelligent Web Guide System

SRC is a universal closed loop Web Guide used for maintaining lateral position of a web being processed. SRC is available in two versions: An Offset Pivot Guide with a matched control in “framed” or “unframed” configuration, or a Control Retrofit package for existing mechanically sound guides. In the latter version, all electronics on the existing guide are replaced with SRC. This version is an efficient choice for upgrading guides at minimum cost. The brain of SRC checks and corrects the web position up to 50 times in a second.


For monitoring and correcting lateral position of web in Web Processing Lines.


Speed and Accuracy

A 12 bit Analog to Digital converter in SRC can sense the web movement as small as 0.001 inch. The system is rated at 3000 feet per minute.

Motorized Scanners

SRC's scanner automatically seeks the web. It can also preposition the web at a programmed location or maintain the web at an operator specified location.

Reduced Waste

With the faster response time, SRC handles splices and tension upsets with significantly less waste than the competition. Quality during normal production is also improved with the help of built-in optimization through statistical processing.


SRC is a true digital control. There are no potentiometers or set-up switches. All parameters are input digitally from the Operator Panel.

Statistical Quality Monitor

SRC eliminates subjective quality guesswork. The SQM feature gives you numeric values to compare the quality to the job specifications. This information can be critical in troubleshooting and optimizing press parameters.

Splicer Feedback

SRC can interface with splicer control for automatically correcting roll setup errors.

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Central Processing Unit

  • Modular construction
  • Modules can be swapped without requiring any tools
  • True digital Processing for accuracy and reliability

AC Synchronous Motor

  • Synchronous motor for accurate positioning
  • Phase Shift (R-C) Network supplied with the motor
  • Optional DC motor interface available with retrofit package

Web Sensor

  • Infrared LED light source with 100,000 hour average life
  • Rugged Aluminum housing
  • Quick disconnect cable
  • Universal mounting brackets for positioning anywhere across web

Operator Panel

  • Large 40 character back-lit LCD message display
  • Numeric input for direct correction / parameter entry
  • Rugged Aluminum housing

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